Coal Loses Again As US Military Pushes Clean Power Envelope | CleanTechnica
<h5>US cities and states can foster stronger, more resilient US military facilities by promoting stronger clean power policies.</h5>
Nov 12, 2018
5 Hard-to-Believe Renewable Energy Facts -- The Motley Fool
<h5>Renewable energy from wind and solar went from impossibly expensive to nearly 10% of American electricity in less than 20 years. What's ahead may be even more astounding.</h5>
Nov 11, 2018
Elon Musk authorizes Tesla employees to provide assistance for the California wildfires and ‘not worry about payment’
<h5>California, Tesla’s home state, is currently on fire as the current wildfire season is proving to be particularly devastating. </h5>
Nov 10, 2018
California Moves to Replace Gas Plants With Batteries From Tesla
<h5>State regulators approve PG&amp;E contracts for battery projects. Tesla to supply batteries to power Silicon Valley lights.<br/></h5>
Nov 09, 2018
Midterm Results: Climate and Energy Score Brilliant Wins And Stunning Losses In The States
<h5>Advocates for clean energy and climate action became governors, attorneys general, commissioners and more on Tuesday, but some climate hawks fell. </h5>
Nov 08, 2018
The hottest fight in American politics? Arizona’s smackdown over solar power.
<h5>Burning through $55 million so far, a ballot initiative is one of the most expensive campaigns in the country</h5>
Nov 07, 2018
Game On! 60 Gigawatts Of Renewable Energy By 2025 | CleanTechnica
<h5>President* Trump campaigned on the promise of bringing back coal jobs, but so far coal miners, their families, and their communities have little to show for it<br/></h5>
Nov 05, 2018
Scientists are trying to bottle solar energy and turn it into liquid fuel
<h5 style="font-size: 14px;text-align: left;">Professor Kasper Moth-Poulsen holding a tube containing the catalyst, in front of the ultra-high vacuum setup that was used to measure the heat release gradient in the molecular solar thermal energy storage system.​</h5>
Nov 04, 2018
The future of construction may be concrete that generates its own electricity
<h5>We need buildings in which to live, but crafting those buildings is making it harder to live on this planet.<br/></h5>
Nov 03, 2018
Tesla Energy is now mainly using its own ‘Tesla-branded’ solar panels made at Gigafactory 2
<h5>While we are waiting for Tesla to ramp up its solar roof tiles, the company is starting to use more of its own solar modules.<br/></h5>
Nov 02, 2018
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