Nuclear Power Is Economically Obsolete
<h5>Despite the past failure and poor future outlook, support for more nuclear funding persists.</h5>
Jan 10, 2019
5 Renewable Energy TED Talks To Start Your 2019
<h5>TED Talks are known for offering quality information on the most important topics of our times, delivered by the experts themselves, in their own words. This curated selection of renewable energy ideas will help you become familiar with the latest innovations and technologies in the field.</h5>
Jan 05, 2019
Trends to Watch in the Energy Transformation of 2019
<h5>Expect new state decarbonization goals, sharper utility planning and more.</h5>
Jan 03, 2019
Year in Review: The Best Clean Energy Wins of 2018 - SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
<h5>When it comes to our environment, we have to admit: There’s been some disheartening news this year. The findings laid out by recent reports like the Fourth National Climate Assessment and the</h5>
Dec 31, 2018
LED Scale-up
<h5>Lighting accounts for nearly 6% of global CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. Light emitting diode (LED) technology is capable of achieving up to 50-70% energy savings. Wider adoption of such energy efficient lighting can provide a significant reduction in global emissions.</h5>
Dec 23, 2018
The 100% renewable energy movement is unstoppable
<h5>Cincinnati has become the 100th U.S. city to set a goal to move to 100% renewable energy. This sets the stage for the debate to shift to what resources we will use to decarbonize, and how quickly we will move.</h5>
Dec 17, 2018
Coal to Clean Energy Dominoes are Falling in the West
<h5>Over the past few days in the Western US, there have been three game-changing developments in the shift from coal to clean energy on our power grid. </h5>
Dec 15, 2018
For the first time, a major US utility has committed to 100% clean energy
<h5>Another sign that zero-carbon energy is going viral.</h5>
Dec 09, 2018
The Future Of Power Is Wireless - Here's Why
<h5>In the next five years, we will see a transformative shift in the way we power our homes, businesses, and infrastructure. </h5>
Dec 04, 2018
More Than 40 percent of the world's coal plants lose money
<h5>What if we — stay with us here — stopped burning it?</h5>
Dec 01, 2018
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