MIT startup offers camouflage solar panels that will match any roof
<h5><span style="float: none;">Sistine Solar wants to help sustainability-minded homeowners who also care about aesthetics.<i></i></span><br/></h5>
May 25, 2017
Navy to break ground on solar facility at Mississippi base
<h5>The U.S. Navy has announced a groundbreaking ceremony for a solar generation facility at a base in Mississippi. ​<br/></h5>
May 24, 2017
Thin, Flexible Solar Tiles Are Being Printed Like Paper
<h5>Researchers from the University of Newcastle in Australia have found a way to print solar tiles. This method is cheaper and faster than traditional methods and could potentially be a game changer in the renewable energy industry.<br/></h5>
May 23, 2017
The Fastest Electric Car in the World Just Broke Its Own Speed Record
<h5>Electric cars aren't a slow, inefficient alternative to gas-powered vehicles. As the record-breaking all-electric Nio EP9 shows, it's possible to have a positive impact on the environment while going really, really, really fast.<br/></h5>
May 22, 2017
Germany Just Smashed an Energy Record, Generating 85% Electricity From Renewables
<h5>Germany breaks a daily record for renewable energy, generating 85% of its power from renewable sources on April 30. </h5>
May 18, 2017
Three Reasons to Believe in China's Renewable Energy Boom
<h5>It has atrocious air pollution. It fears climate change. And it wants to be a &#34;manufacturing monster&#34; in renewables too.</h5>
May 17, 2017
Monumental Hands Rise from the Water in Venice to Highlight Climate Change
<h5><span style="text-align: left;float: none;">Artist </span><span style="text-align: left;float: none;">Lorenzo Quinn</span><span style="text-align: left;float: none;"> just finished the installation of a monumental sculpture for the </span><span style="text-align: left;float: none;">2017 Venice Biennale</span><span style="text-align: left;float: none;">. </span>​</h5>
May 16, 2017
6 Reasons Nobody Can Derail Progress on Climate
<h5>Falling prices for renewables and a growing sustainability movement from the bottom up have changed the global picture.</h5>
May 16, 2017
Gas cars will vanish in 8 years, says report from Stanford economist
<h5>No more petrol or diesel cars, buses, or trucks will be sold anywhere in the world within eight years. The entire market for land transport will switch to electrification, leading to a collapse of oil prices and the demise of the petroleum industry as we have known it for a century.<br/></h5>
May 15, 2017
Solar window blinds both block and harvest sunlight
<h5>Regular window blinds already help people to save electricity – by keeping incoming sunlight from heating a room up, they reduce the need to run an air conditioner. SolarGaps, however, take things a step further. <br/></h5>
May 12, 2017
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