Pope Tells Oil Executives to Act on Climate: ‘There Is No Time to Lose’
<h5 style="font-size: 14px;text-align: left;">Pope Francis has called for swift action to care for the environment and the planet.</h5><!--EndFragment--><p><br/></p><p><br/></p>
Jun 11, 2018
Fighting climate change could save the world trillions of dollars
<h5><span id="selectionBoundary_1527199250417_9373059258985239" class="rangySelectionBoundary">&#65279;</span>On the White House lawn in June 2017, President Donald Trump announced his plan to pull the U.S. out of the historic Paris climate agreement — a deal he considers bad for the American economy. <span id="selectionBoundary_1527199250416_1888253870377703" class="rangySelectionBoundary">&#65279;</span><br/></h5>
May 24, 2018
Hurricane season may be even worse in 2018 after a harrowing 2017
<h5>The initial forecasts of an above-average season for hurricanes, beginning on 1 June, follow a punishing spate of storms last year<br/></h5>
May 13, 2018
California Becomes First State to Mandate Solar on New Homes
<h5>Rule will cut emissions while also driving up home prices.<br/></h5>
May 10, 2018
Another thing that climate change takes from us: our beaches
<h5>Poles without ice. Oceans without oxygen. Areas of the planet without people.These are just some of the effects of a rapidly warming planet. Add to the list: coasts without beaches.</h5>
Apr 04, 2018
America's first climate change refugees are preparing to leave an island that will disappear under the sea in the next few years
<h5>Louisiana — America comes to an end here. Connected to the marshes and moss-laced bayous of southern Louisiana by two miles of narrow causeway, waters lapping high on each side, Isle de Jean Charles takes you as far into the Gulf of Mexico as you can go without falling in. But the dolour in the salt air is not just about loneliness and separation. It's about impending demise.​<br/></h5>
Apr 02, 2018
Shell oil just unveiled a plan to move the world away from fossil fuels
<h5>Royal Dutch Shell just laid out a proposal to move us away from its own product. <br/></h5>
Mar 29, 2018
Schwarzenegger planning to sue oil companies for 'knowingly killing people all over the world’
<h5>Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) is planning to sue oil companies, alleging they are &#34;knowingly killing people all over the world.&#34;<br/></h5>
Mar 12, 2018
Fire-Torn Northern California Becomes ‘Living Lab’ for Microgrids
<h5>The Stone Edge Microgrid survived the fires. Now its owners are developing a new project, incorporating lessons learned.<br/></h5>
Mar 01, 2018
Another victim of climate change: canola oil
<h5>Prolonged heat waves are causing canola seed pods to disintegrate, rendering the plants unusable by farmers. Now, researchers have isolated the gene causing this phenomenon, and they may be able to use that knowledge to prevent the loss of future crops.<br/></h5>
Feb 13, 2018
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