Utilities have a problem: the public wants 100% renewable energy, and quick
<h5>Renewable energy is hot. It has incredible momentum, not only in terms of deployment and costs but in terms of public opinion and cultural cachet. To put it simply: Everyone loves renewable energy.<br/></h5>
Sep 19, 2018
"It Looked Like Armageddon:" One Person Has Been Killed As Fires And Explosions Destroy Dozens Of Homes Near Boston
<h5>Tens of thousands of people were urged to evacuate as dozens of homes and buildings were engulfed in flames.<br/></h5>
Sep 15, 2018
Tesla Shares Image of the Massive Solar Panels Powering Its Gigafactory
<h5>Tesla’s massive gigafactory may only be about a <a href="https://www.inverse.com/article/47731-tesla-gigafactory-now-makes-more-battery-power-than-all-automakers-combined">third complete</a>, but the massive solar farm that’s meant to help power it is already taking shape. Tesla tweeted an update about the solar panel’s progress on Thursday. <br/></h5>
Sep 14, 2018
Solar Power Saves the Day | Keysight Blogs
<h5>High conformance standards help extend the use of solar energy as an emergency power source</h5>
Sep 11, 2018
California is this close to its boldest energy target yet: 100% clean electricity
<h5>What you need to know about the bill, how it got passed, and what it means. California is one signature away from committing to 100 percent clean electricity.</h5>
Sep 05, 2018
100,000 homes in Germany now have battery-storage systems connected to the grid
<h5>Germany helped <a href="https://qz.com/1144298/humanitys-fight-against-climate-change-is-failing-one-technology-can-change-that/">make solar power cheap</a>. As of June this year, it boasts 1 million homes that have installed rooftop solar panels.<br/></h5>
Aug 30, 2018
What’s Disrupting How We Produce Energy—and How We Use It
<h5>“Where did solar energy get its start?” <a href="http://rameznaam.com/" style="text-align: left;">Ramez Naam</a> asked in a presentation at Singularity University’s <a href="https://su.org/summits/su-global-summit/?utm_source=hub&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=fy18q3-GSUM&amp;utm_content=aug23" style="text-align: left;">Global Summit</a>.<br/></h5>
Aug 29, 2018
A 550-ton floating turbine smashes records in a significant step forward for tidal power 
<h5>A tidal turbine has generated record levels of power production in its first year of testing.<br/></h5>
Aug 22, 2018
One Trillion Watts of Wind and Solar
<h5>There are now 1 trillion watts of wind and solar installed around the world, according to <a href="https://about.bnef.com/blog/world-reaches-1000gw-wind-solar-keeps-going/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">new figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance</a>.<br/></h5>
Aug 17, 2018
Why solar is likely to power the Home of the Future
<h5>Right now in America, there are about 2 million homes with solar panels. Considering there are about 90 million single-family homes, that doesn’t seem like a lot. But consider this: <br/></h5>
Aug 14, 2018
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