Navy to break ground on solar facility at Mississippi base
<h5>The U.S. Navy has announced a groundbreaking ceremony for a solar generation facility at a base in Mississippi. ​<br/></h5>
May 24, 2017
Germany Just Smashed an Energy Record, Generating 85% Electricity From Renewables
<h5>Germany breaks a daily record for renewable energy, generating 85% of its power from renewable sources on April 30. </h5>
May 18, 2017
Three Reasons to Believe in China's Renewable Energy Boom
<h5>It has atrocious air pollution. It fears climate change. And it wants to be a &#34;manufacturing monster&#34; in renewables too.</h5>
May 17, 2017
Atlanta Becomes 27th U.S. City to Commit to 100% Renewable Energy
<h5>Atlanta is joining the growing ranks of U.S. cities that want to get 100 percent clean energy.<br/></h5>
May 03, 2017
The economics of energy generation are changing; more metrics favor solar, wind
<h5>It’s not always a simple task to compare the value of electricity generation resources. Coal, natural gas, solar, wind, and so on have different strengths and weaknesses, so when it comes time to build or replace energy capacity, economists look at the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), which divides the total cost of an installation or plant by the kilowatt-hours it produces over its lifetime.<br/></h5>
May 02, 2017
The Cheap Energy Revolution Is Here, and Coal Won’t Cut It
<h5>Wind and solar are about to become unstoppable, natural gas and oil production are approaching their peak, and electric cars and batteries for the grid are waiting to take over.<br/></h5>
May 01, 2017
Hawaii’s Clean Energy and Oil Consumption Report Card
<h5>To mark Earth Day, Hawaiian utilities documented their progress toward a clean energy future. Plus, the PUC reopened the grid-supply program.</h5>
Apr 27, 2017
Clean Energy Saves Lives and Grows Texas’s Economy
<h5>Texas is America’s oil and gas capital, but it’s clean energy that’s been increasingly powering the state over the past decade. A cleaner electric grid is great news for Texans’ health and economy, if state leaders don’t threaten progress.<br/></h5>
Apr 24, 2017
Why Renewable Energy Growth is Unstoppable
<h5>Now is not the time to lose hope, quite the opposite, actually. It's clear that the sustainable energy growth will remain positive, even if not federally backed. </h5>
Apr 22, 2017
Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the state’s largest solar farm
<h5>The company says the farm will give jobs to displaced coal miners.</h5>
Apr 20, 2017
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