Solar power Even More accessible, Price drops more than 25% in just one year
<h5>The US Department of Energy has published a report that details the falling cost of solar energy. Over the past 12 months, utility-scale solar has become 30 percent less expensive per watt.<br/></h5>
Sep 21, 2017
The troubling 'tactics' politicians are using to attack rooftop solar
<h5>Solar power's rise has felt unstoppable. Clean energy development has shattered records for years. And new figures show the U.S. solar power market experienced more record growth in the second quarter of 2017. Solar made up 22 percent of new electric capacity this year. But the game's far from over.<br/></h5>
Sep 20, 2017
After generations working in coal, young West Virginians are finding jobs in solar
<h5>Tanner Lee Swiger graduated from high school in Wayne County, West Virginia this spring. His father and grandfather both worked in West Virginia’s coal industry. But not Swiger, or any of his high school classmates.<br/></h5>
Sep 14, 2017
Ray Kurzweil: Solar Will Power the World in 16 Years
<h5><span style="font-size: 14px;text-align: left;float: none;">Solar power, driven by exponentially-increasing nanotechnology, will satisfy the entire world's need for energy in less than twenty years.</span><br/></h5>
Sep 12, 2017
5 Ways to Take 100% Renewable Energy From Dream to Mainstream
<h5>&#65279;The United States now has an impressive 44.7 gigawatts of operating solar systems, solar became the No. 1 source of new electricity in 2016, and in April 2017, for the first time ever, solar energy generation out-produced nuclear. <br/></h5>
Sep 05, 2017
Australia Produces Enough Renewable Energy to Power 70% of Homes
<h5>According to a new report, Australia's renewable energy sector produced enough power to supply electricity to 70 percent of the country's homes last year. Once the 46 large-scale projects in the works are completed, that number should increase to 90 percent.<br/></h5>
Aug 28, 2017
New homes will now require solar panels in South Miami, a first in Florida
<h5>Anyone building a new house in South Miami — or in some cases renovating existing ones — will have to install solar panels after the city commission approved a groundbreaking law Tuesday night.<br/></h5>
Jul 19, 2017
'Solar trees' sprout across Florida in push to promote solar energy
<h5>Florida Power &amp; Light is planting large devices across Florida that look like trees and harness the power of the sun to create electricity.</h5>
Jul 13, 2017
One-quarter of Australian homes now have solar
<h5>New data has confirmed the effects of a second rooftop solar boom taking place around Australia – driven by falling technology costs and increasingly volatile electricity prices – with nearly one quarter of all Australian households found to have invested in solar panels.<br/></h5>
Jul 11, 2017
Solar Power is Saving Dollars — and Lives
<h5>Research is proving just how valuable solar power is: in fact, it's saving lives. By avoiding fossil fuels for our power needs, solar is preventing deaths from circulatory and respiratory ailments, reducing sicks days and asthma incidents, and more.<br/></h5>
Jul 05, 2017
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