New homes will now require solar panels in South Miami, a first in Florida
<h5>Anyone building a new house in South Miami — or in some cases renovating existing ones — will have to install solar panels after the city commission approved a groundbreaking law Tuesday night.<br/></h5>
Jul 19, 2017
'Solar trees' sprout across Florida in push to promote solar energy
<h5>Florida Power &amp; Light is planting large devices across Florida that look like trees and harness the power of the sun to create electricity.</h5>
Jul 13, 2017
One-quarter of Australian homes now have solar
<h5>New data has confirmed the effects of a second rooftop solar boom taking place around Australia – driven by falling technology costs and increasingly volatile electricity prices – with nearly one quarter of all Australian households found to have invested in solar panels.<br/></h5>
Jul 11, 2017
Solar Power is Saving Dollars — and Lives
<h5>Research is proving just how valuable solar power is: in fact, it's saving lives. By avoiding fossil fuels for our power needs, solar is preventing deaths from circulatory and respiratory ailments, reducing sicks days and asthma incidents, and more.<br/></h5>
Jul 05, 2017
Solar Costs Are Hitting Jaw-Dropping Lows in Every Region of the World
<h5>How low can you go? Mind-blowingly low 65-cents-per-watt solar system pricing emerges in India.<br/></h5>
Jun 28, 2017
Hundreds of US mayors endorse switch to 100% renewable energy by 2035
<h5>Leaders from more than 250 cities unanimously back a resolution to reach clean energy goal at the US Conference of Mayors in Miami Beach.<br/></h5>
Jun 26, 2017
California is embarrassing the rest of the country with the amount of solar energy it's producing
<h5>California is the poster child for solar energy: in 2016, 13% of the state's power came from solar sources. <br/></h5>
Jun 26, 2017
Oil companies have realized renewables aren’t going away—and they want in on the action
<h5>Global oil majors are poised for a resurgence in solar and wind</h5>
Jun 19, 2017
Wind, solar produce 10% of US electricity for first time ever
<h5>Wind and solar produced 10 percent of the electricity generated in the United States for the first time in March, federal energy officials said Wednesday. <br/></h5>
Jun 15, 2017
Powur Raises $1M via Equity Crowdfunding in Record Time
<div class="article-intro" style="width: 799px;text-align: left;"><div class="article-intro-right" style="vertical-align: middle;"><h5>Successful campaign demonstrates commitment many people have for a world powered by solar energy.</h5></div></div>
Jun 15, 2017
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