Get ready to meet 'The Beast:' Tesla's semi-truck rolls out tonight
<h5>Tesla's long-awaited electric tractor-trailer truck will debut on Thursday night.</h5>
Nov 16, 2017
Former vice chairman of GM predicts car industry has no future
<h5>It’s not every day a titan of industry predicts the demise of his own. But Bob Lutz, the former chairman of General Motors, believes the auto industry is not long for this world.<br/></h5>
Nov 08, 2017
In 5 Years, Batteries Will Blanket The U.S., Duke Executive Says
<h5>Five years. That's how soon batteries can be expected to sprout all over the electric grid as utilities and homeowners drop in on a wave of falling prices, a Duke Energy executive said in Chicago Thursday.<br/></h5>
Oct 24, 2017
This high-tech, solar-powered car may be the future of travel
<h5>The team from Eindhoven University of Technology took the grand prize at the bi-annual World Solar Challenge this week. The &#34;Stella Vie&#34; was able to carry five people across more than 3,000km at an average speed of 69 km/h.<br/></h5>
Oct 20, 2017
The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever
<h5>The age of batteries is just getting started. In the latest episode of our animated series, Sooner Than You Think, Bloomberg’s Tom Randall does the math on when solar plus batteries might start wiping fossil fuels off the grid. </h5>
Sep 29, 2017
These companies want to bring electric airplanes to the skies
<h5>U.S.-based startup Wright Electric and British budget airline easyJet have announced a partnership to build electric airplanes. The goal is for the all-electric plane to be capable of ferrying 150 people on flights under 300 miles.<br/></h5>
Sep 28, 2017
Vacuum Company Dyson Announces That It's Building an Electric Car
<h5>Inventor James Dyson confirmed on Tuesday that his company, best known for its vacuums, is building an electric car. <br/></h5>
Sep 28, 2017
Solar, Bitcoin, and the Blockchain
<h5>A new concept is sweeping the internet that will fundamentally improve the trust, speed and accuracy of all digital transactions within a few short years.<br/></h5>
Sep 24, 2017
Hackers lie in wait after penetrating US and Europe power grid networks
<h5>Intrusion into power companies' operational networks is a dramatic escalation.</h5>
Sep 08, 2017
Blockchain Energy Trading Startup Power Ledger Raises $17M in Cryptocurrency ‘ICO’
<h5>An “initial coin offering” on the Ethereum cryptocurrency network gives the startup virtual cash to push its peer-to-peer energy trading network.<br/></h5>
Sep 07, 2017
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