Entrepreneurs Reshaping The Future
<h5>Move over, United Nations: it's time for entrepreneurs to save the planet</h5>
Feb 15, 2019
Aurora Solar’s computer-generated installation maps pull in a $20M Series A
<h5>Solar installations are becoming a no-brainer for anyone with a roof in much of the country. But getting an estimate on how much it would cost and how much juice it would generate can be complicated and time consuming...</h5>
Feb 05, 2019
These solar panels pull clean drinking water from the air
<h5>They cost just $2000 each and can produce up to five liters of water per day.</h5>
Jan 11, 2019
5 Predictions For The Gig Economy And Freelancing In 2019
<h5>According to a Future Workforce Report from Upwork, 59% of U.S. companies are now using flexible work forces to some degree – remote workers and freelancers. </h5>
Dec 30, 2018
A new solar technology could be the next big boost for renewable energy
<h5>Across the globe, a clutch of companies from Oxford, England to Redwood City, Calif. are working to commercialize a new solar technology that could further boost the adoption of renewable energy generation. </h5>
Dec 26, 2018
A 13-year-old won $25,000 for a solar-panel invention that can locate the sun at any time
<h5>Georgia Hutchinson, a 13-year-old from California, recently won $25,000 for inventing a solar-energy system that can locate the sun at any time.</h5>
Dec 18, 2018
Climate Change Adaptation Is The Greatest Entrepreneurial Challenge Of Our Time
<h5>While the world's political leaders attempt to write a new rulebook for mitigating global temperature rise, entrepreneurs should pay attention to another urgent challenge: climate change adaptation.</h5>
Dec 14, 2018
Meet The Men Who Ditched Well Paid Jobs In Big Energy To Tackle Climate Change
<h5>Lition Energy uses blockchain to connect consumers directly with renewable power plants.</h5>
Dec 02, 2018
Tesla Patents New Solar Roof Tile Colorization Method
<h5>For homeowners, having the option to choose their color or to match it to current, terracotta tiles especially, is necessary to keep the visual appeal.</h5>
Nov 30, 2018
How an architect is using solar power to prevent Puerto Rico's next disaster
<h5>Like millions of other Americans, <a href="https://archpaper.com/tag/jonathan-marvel/">Jonathan Marvel</a>, founding principal at <a href="https://archpaper.com/tag/marvel-architects/">Marvel Architects</a>, remembers watching media coverage stream in from Puerto Rico in September 2017 after Hurricane Maria struck the island.<br/></h5>
Oct 10, 2018
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