New Home Solar Laws Could Triple US Solar Base By 2045 | CleanTechnica
<h5>If other states follow the California proposal to require solar on all new home builds...</h5>
Dec 10, 2018
California Gives Final OK To Require Solar Panels On New Houses
<h5>Single and small multi-family homes must include solar panels starting in 2020. Recent extreme weather events such as wildfires and drought make the need clear, a state official says.</h5>
Dec 08, 2018
Solar energy industry remains a bright spot amid Trump's tariffs
<h5>A tax credit is helping deflect a 30 percent tariff.</h5>
Dec 05, 2018
Rooftop solar must be part of California's wildfire mitigation plans
<h5>Solar panels on community centers, such as the roof of Moscone South, would help reduce the need to transmit electricity over long distances and through potentially fire-prone areas.</h5>
Nov 29, 2018
What made solar panels so cheap? Thank government policy.
<h5>We know how to make clean energy cheap. We’ve done it.</h5>
Nov 21, 2018
The Short-Term Economics Of A Tesla-Powered Solar Home | CleanTechnica
<h5>We went “live” with our solar installation on April 9, 2018. </h5>
Nov 20, 2018
Tesla Reduces Pricing Of Solar System Installations By 10-20%
<h5>Tesla Energy division decided to decrease prices of its conventional solar panels, produced at the Tesla Gigafactory 2 with Panasonic..</h5>
Nov 16, 2018
This relief agency will stay running during disasters because of its new Tesla microgrid
<h5>Direct Relief needs a reliable power supply to keep medicine refrigerated, even during fires or earthquakes. Now it’s ditching its polluting diesel generator for solar panels and batteries.</h5>
Nov 14, 2018
Solar Enables More Homes to Participate in Demand Response | CleanTechnica
<h5>As more households and businesses install rooftop solar and begin tracking their energy production, an increasing number of solar hosts are diving into a variety demand response opportunities —some at the behest of the utilities — to reduce their electricity bills</h5>
Nov 13, 2018
7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Energy System - Renewable Energy - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
<h5>Having a solar energy system can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and cut down your electricity bill. However, you may not be getting the most optimal results by having a solar system on its own.<br/></h5>
Nov 01, 2018
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