U.S. Solar Installations Hit 2 Million Mark
<h4>There are now more than two million solar installations in the U.S., and that number is set to double in four years, Reuters reported Thursday.</h4>
May 13, 2019
On-Grid Solar Power Systems vs Off-Grid Solar Power Systems: Their applications & advantages
<h4>To make the right choice it is important to comprehend the key differences between off-grid and on-grid solar systems.</h4>
May 08, 2019
Tesla has slashed the price of its solar panels in an attempt to revive sales
<h4>They now cost up to 38 percent less than the national average.</h4>
May 01, 2019
Solar panels add heat to home prices for green-conscious buyers
<h4>Zillow research reveals most buyers say energy-efficient features are important</h4>
Apr 27, 2019
2019 Will Be Floating Solar's Breakout Year
<h4>Floating solar projects are increasing in number, and size, with new applications continuing to spring up from mines to fish farms. You'd be brave to bet against it in 2019.</h4>
Apr 20, 2019
28 Scientists Propose Gargantuan Alternative Energy Border Wall Park 2,000 Miles Long
<h4>Border wall debates have raged between political parties and the media in the United States for years. </h4>
Apr 15, 2019
Shining Cities 2019
<h4>A report by Environment America Research &amp; Policy Center and Frontier Group </h4>
Apr 10, 2019
L.A. could replace traditional power plants with home solar, experts say
<h4>Los Angeles could produce the nation's largest &#34;virtual power plant&#34; by linking homes equipped with solar panels and batteries, solar industry says.</h4>
Apr 06, 2019
Early Customer Basks In The Glow Of His New Tesla Solar Roof Tile Install | CleanTechnica
<h4>Another Tesla Solar Roof Tile customer has taken to the interwebs to show off his new system, and it gives us a view of what an installed retrofit system looks like. </h4>
Mar 23, 2019
The beautiful future of solar power
<h4>The sun delivers more energy to earth in one hour than all of humanity uses in an entire year. How can we make this power more accessible to everyone, everywhere? Solar designer Marjan van Aubel shows how she's turning everyday objects like tabletops and stained glass windows into elegant solar cells -- and shares her vision to make every surface a power station.</h4>
Mar 22, 2019
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