Climate change could make insurance too expensive for most people – report | Climate change | The Guardian
<h4>Munich Re, world’s largest reinsurance firm, warns premium rises could become social issue</h4>
Mar 25, 2019
Houston Disaster Spills Into Channel as Illness Proliferates
<h4>‘Trust is not there’ as chemical calamity enters seventh day. Coast Guard says top concern is benzene threat to ship crews.<br/></h4>
Mar 24, 2019
Early Customer Basks In The Glow Of His New Tesla Solar Roof Tile Install | CleanTechnica
<h4>Another Tesla Solar Roof Tile customer has taken to the interwebs to show off his new system, and it gives us a view of what an installed retrofit system looks like. </h4>
Mar 23, 2019
The beautiful future of solar power
<h4>The sun delivers more energy to earth in one hour than all of humanity uses in an entire year. How can we make this power more accessible to everyone, everywhere? Solar designer Marjan van Aubel shows how she's turning everyday objects like tabletops and stained glass windows into elegant solar cells -- and shares her vision to make every surface a power station.</h4>
Mar 22, 2019
California sets a new solar output record – and it isn’t even spring yet (w/ charts)
<h4>On Saturday afternoon utility-scale solar output on California’s grid peaked at 10,745 MW - its highest level since last summer. More importantly, California is wringing greater flexibility out of its imports, meaning more renewables with less curtailment.</h4>
Mar 21, 2019
Clean energy facts belie common myths » Yale Climate Connections
<h4>With rise of clean energy success stories comes surge of myths, misconceptions. Here’s how to counter them.</h4>
Mar 20, 2019
Photos: Youth Climate Change Demonstrations Across The World
<h4>From St. Paul, Minn., to Stockholm, Sweden, students skipped school Friday to demand decisive action on climate change. Demonstrations were called in more than 100 countries and territories.</h4>
Mar 18, 2019
Tesla Has a New Rival in Its Quest to Make Solar Rooftops Happen
<h4>Elon Musk recently declared 2019 as the “year of the solar roof.”<br/></h4>
Mar 17, 2019
SunPower & Sierra Club To Partner On Residential Solar Incentive Program | CleanTechnica
<h4>Grassroots environmental organization Sierra Club has partnered with one of America's leading solar manufacturers SunPower on a new incentive and rebate program open to the organization's more than 3.5 million members and supporters. </h4>
Mar 16, 2019
Instead of a wall, what if we built an energy corridor?
<h4>Instead of a wall, build a first-of-its-kind energy park that spans the 1,954 miles of the border between the United States and Mexico to bring energy, water, jobs and border security to the region.</h4>
Mar 15, 2019
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