Entrepreneurs Reshaping The Future
<h5>Move over, United Nations: it's time for entrepreneurs to save the planet</h5>
Feb 15, 2019
Renewables May Prove Cheaper Than 96% of Coal Plants Worldwide by 2030
<h5>“Over time, these coal-fired power plants will just become more and more unviable.”</h5>
Feb 14, 2019
Here's an Interactive Map That Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Your Town in 60 Years
<h5>If we do nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the weather in New York City will feel like Alabama and Los Angeles will be as hot as the tip of the Baja Peninsula.</h5>
Feb 13, 2019
There's 'no place on the planet' – not even Hawaii – to escape climate change, experts say
<h5>Climate experts in the Aloha State told USA TODAY on Monday that tourists cannot escape climate change — not even on the islands, where 60-foot waves and wind gusts up to 191 mph were part of a fierce weekend storm that downed power lines and felled trees.</h5>
Feb 12, 2019
The Green New Deal Just Speeds Up The Current Green Wave. Case In Point: Solar-Plus-Storage
<h5>The Green New Deal aims to stave off the ill-effects of global warming by going totally green while also making investments in at-risk communities. It’s doable, say backers, who are pointing to advances in wind and solar energies as well as energy storage technologies. But can it come soon enough?</h5>
Feb 11, 2019
4 Best Solar Panels for 2019 | EarthTechling
<h5>Compare our picks for the 4 best solar panels for your home in 2019.</h5>
Feb 10, 2019
The Time For Home Solar Is Now | CleanTechnica
<h5>Evelyn Huang, Chief Customer Experience Officer at SunRun, looks at the many options that make solar affordable and accessible to everyone. Solar has become a “need to have” for the everyday person, not just a “nice to have” for the wealthy</h5>
Feb 09, 2019
Green New Deal: Climate Experts Explain How to Make Sense of AOC's New Bill
"The devil is always in the details, of course."
Feb 08, 2019
California Warms to Solar Homes; Other States May Give a Cold Shoulder
<h5>As of 2020, all new homes in California will need to be connected to solar power, such as having panels preinstalled.</h5>
Feb 06, 2019
Aurora Solar’s computer-generated installation maps pull in a $20M Series A
<h5>Solar installations are becoming a no-brainer for anyone with a roof in much of the country. But getting an estimate on how much it would cost and how much juice it would generate can be complicated and time consuming...</h5>
Feb 05, 2019
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