New Jersey Takes a Big Step Toward Renewable Energy (and Nuclear Gets Help, for Now)
<h5>New Jersey significantly altered the future of its energy sector on Thursday, passing two bills that set ambitious goals for expanding renewable power and curtailing greenhouse gases in the state.<br/></h5>
Apr 13, 2018
Apple says all of its worldwide facilities are now 100 percent powered by clean energy
<p></p><h5>Apple announced on Monday that its facilities around the world were now entirely powered by renewable energy.<strong></strong></h5><p></p>
Apr 10, 2018
Google says it will be biggest corporate buyer of renewable energy on the planet
<ul><li>Google now has contracts to buy 3 gigawatts of output from renewable energy projects.</li><li>The search giant says it will carry on signing contracts to purchase more renewable energy.</li></ul>
Apr 05, 2018
Solar power eclipsed fossil fuels in new 2017 generating capacity
<h5>Chinese solar power led a record 157 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable energy capacity added worldwide last year, more than double the amount of new generation capacity from fossil fuels, a U.N.-backed report showed on Thursday.<br/></h5>
Apr 05, 2018
Microsoft Continues Clean Energy Buying Spree
<h5>Software maker’s latest purchase was for an additional 315 megawatts of solar power<br/></h5>
Apr 03, 2018
Is a Texas Town the Future of Renewable Energy?
<h5>A high-wattage Republican Mayor of Georgetown, Texas, has become the unlikeliest hero of the green revolution.<br/></h5>
Mar 28, 2018
Plans for the World's Biggest-Ever Solar Power Project Are Underway
<h5>The world’s biggest solar project is going to get underway in Saudi Arabia, according a plan whipped up by the country’s sovereign wealth fund and the Japanese technology conglomerate SoftBank.<br/></h5>
Mar 28, 2018
This Florida City Is 100% Solar-Powered
<h5>About 343,000 sun-hungry panels fuel Babcock Ranch, where residents are just starting to move in.<br/></h5>
Mar 26, 2018
Arizona Regulators Freeze New Gas Plants, Demand More Clean Energy Planning From Utilities
<h5>Arizona’s energy future took an unexpected turn this week.<br/></h5>
Mar 19, 2018
Costa Rica has just run on 100 percent renewable energy for 300 days
<h5>Costa Rica, known primarily as a honeymoon destination, is a veritable paradise. Not only is it full of picturesque scenes featuring white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters, but you're pretty much guaranteed sunshine all year round.<br/></h5>
Mar 12, 2018
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