Washington passes ‘strongest clean energy policy’ in nation with carbon neutrality mandate by 2030
<h4>Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wants his state to become the green standard in the fight against climate change, and he just secured a big victory in pursuit of that goal. </h4>
Apr 29, 2019
Washington State Commits to Running Entirely on Clean Energy by 2045
<h4>If you’re depressed by the climate politics of Washington, D.C., may I suggest checking out the other Washington. On Thursday, the state legislature officially passed one of the most ambitious clean energy bills in the nation.</h4>
Apr 14, 2019
House Dems introduce Climate Action Now Act, seek US return to Paris Agreement
<h4>Any concerns that climate change would take a back seat in Congress after Tuesday’s Green New Deal vote seem to have been misplaced, as House Democrats introduced a new bill today to reduce carbon emissions and rejoin the Paris Agreement.</h4>
Mar 28, 2019
State Lawmakers Seek to Declare Climate Emergency, Invest $100 Billion in Clean Energy
<h4>A group of Democratic California lawmakers called Monday for the state to invest $100 billion to drastically reduce its carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels by 2030.</h4>
Mar 07, 2019
A "Solar Bill of Rights" Is Gaining Steam in World's Fifth-Largest Economy
<h5>If there’s one thing Californians on both sides of the aisle can agree on, it’s that the sun is pretty neat.</h5>
Feb 23, 2019
New California law amps up solar consumer protection
<h5>California homeowners now enjoy new rights under a new law championed by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2019.</h5>
Jan 16, 2019
Renewable Energy To Remodel World Dominance Patterns | CleanTechnica
<h5>Attending the 9th session of IRENA's General Assembly on Friday, we were all looking forward to one item on the agenda – launch of a new report, The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation</h5>
Jan 13, 2019
Major Trump administration climate report says damage is ‘intensifying across the country’
<h5>Scientists are more certain than ever that climate change is already impacting the United States, and that it is going to be very expensive.</h5>
Nov 24, 2018
Midterm Results: Climate and Energy Score Brilliant Wins And Stunning Losses In The States
<h5>Advocates for clean energy and climate action became governors, attorneys general, commissioners and more on Tuesday, but some climate hawks fell. </h5>
Nov 08, 2018
The hottest fight in American politics? Arizona’s smackdown over solar power.
<h5>Burning through $55 million so far, a ballot initiative is one of the most expensive campaigns in the country</h5>
Nov 07, 2018
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