Major Trump administration climate report says damage is ‘intensifying across the country’
<h5>Scientists are more certain than ever that climate change is already impacting the United States, and that it is going to be very expensive.</h5>
Nov 24, 2018
Midterm Results: Climate and Energy Score Brilliant Wins And Stunning Losses In The States
<h5>Advocates for clean energy and climate action became governors, attorneys general, commissioners and more on Tuesday, but some climate hawks fell. </h5>
Nov 08, 2018
The hottest fight in American politics? Arizona’s smackdown over solar power.
<h5>Burning through $55 million so far, a ballot initiative is one of the most expensive campaigns in the country</h5>
Nov 07, 2018
Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Involved In I-1631 Debate
<h5>OLYMPIA, WA - An initiative to tax carbon emissions in Washington got a boost from Leonardo DiCaprio on Thursday.<br/></h5>
Oct 20, 2018
Washington DC 100% renewables bill could supercharge solar
<h5>A bill is moving through the DC council to set a more aggressive renewable energy target than any state has yet approved, and to shift the city to solar.<br/></h5>
Oct 17, 2018
Voters overwhelmingly support more solar energy, will oppose candidates that are anti-solar, industry poll says
<h5>Overwhelming majorities of both Republican and Democratic registered voters want their utility companies to get more power from solar and wind energy, according to a new survey released Monday during the first day of the Solar Power International conference in Anaheim.<br/></h5>
Sep 27, 2018
US Solar Projects Surging After Trump Tariffs
<h5><span id="selectionBoundary_1537994189220_43369419952083477" class="rangySelectionBoundary">&#65279;</span>Despite apocalyptic warnings from trade experts, the U.S. solar industry has experienced rapid growth since President Donald Trump enacted tariffs on foreign-made solar panels.<span id="selectionBoundary_1537994189220_695259017370603" class="rangySelectionBoundary">&#65279;</span><p><br/></p></h5>
Sep 26, 2018
Correction: Carbon Fee-Washington story
<h5>Jay Inslee speaks to people as he helps to gather signatures for a proposed initiative that would charge large industrial emitters a fee for their carbon emissions. Voters in Washington state will be asked this fall to do what state and federal leaders have been reluctant to: charge a direct fee on carbon pollution to fight climate change. <br/></h5><p><br/></p>
Sep 13, 2018
California Passes Bill to Extend $800M in Incentives for Behind-the-Meter Batteries
<h5>SB 700 would extend the Self-Generation Incentive Program by about $166 million per year through 2023. The incentives should help add about 3,000 megawatts of behind-the-meter batteries to the state by 2026.<br/></h5>
Sep 06, 2018
Jill Stein tells Sacha Baron Cohen's right-wing character she's a scientist 3 times debating a CIA plot to create climate change
<h5>Former presidential candidate Jill Stein was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into debating climate change, specifically citing the ability to stir up the ocean to create a hurricane.<br/></h5>
Aug 20, 2018
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